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Saturday, January 17th, 2004

Time:10:28 pm.
OMG! I haven't updated in FOREVER! School has been a real bitch and a lot of work so I like NEVER have time to update...Well, this will be short. Benbow came back and Pat and I went over to his house and blake came over and i was fun. i love.
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Sunday, January 4th, 2004

Time:7:06 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Well, today was a very laaaazy day for me. I didn't wake up until 1:30 because of the stupid Don't Fall Twice messageboard. It was...slightly addicting because so many people continuously post. Well...I ate lunch and told my mom that I was going to be a vegetarian. I have done this before...But she is very very skeptical because the most it has ever lasted was sixth months. I had no reason to do it before..I was just doing it for the hell of it, but now I have reasons.

Go to: www.kfccruelty.com I went there and just kept clicking links and reading more and everything..and it just started off as not eating KFC...then went to Burger King...Then Taco Bell..And Mcdonalds..And then Tyson. After I had narrowed down to like two places/brands of meat I could eat..I decided to just screw it and not eat it at all. It's not like I like it all that much anyway. I just can't stand how they treat their animals..and how they kill them. go to that site and watch the video..How they cut off their beaks..and how they get them really fat and their legs break because of the weight..How they slit their throats when they're not concious..OR instead just BOIL THEM TO DEATH. It's horrible. I promise not to preach though.

I'm also starting an anti-bigotry organization. Since there has been a very large growth in the hispanic population in Indiana, Neo-Nazis have started a branch in Indianapolis to speak their hatred for minorities. I think that it's my job to counter this..and with all of that said...I'll take any help I can get. You guys have probably heard about my encounters with skinheads and know I'm serious about this..Support is totally needed.

The game just got over! WE WON! yay! Told you, Patrick!!! I win.

I worked out today. So far, my New Years Resolution seems good. I'm actually keeping with a work out plan!!! YAY!

Go time now.
School tomorrow.

Wall and Computer
bed and nightstand
harmony and...nightstand/bed
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Saturday, January 3rd, 2004

Time:10:12 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Well..I didn't go to bed until three last night. I wasn't tired at ALL...At least I didn't have any nightmares or anything. My mom's friend spent the night last night so I had to be really quiet...I didn't even get up until 1 today....It was only because Wong called. lol...She was going to come over but we didn't even end up leaving until like...three. Well, we went to this pottery place to look for stuff for my room. We want some more asian stuff for the walls. We ended up getting a poster of the Vietnam scenery like...a waterfall and rice paddies and a mountain and stuff. We're going to go get a poster frame tomorrow for it. We looked for some lotus blossom fake...things to put in a vase, but we couldn't find any. I don't think we looked well enough. After that, we went to eat at Fridays and it was really good. I had a baked potato and ceasar salad. Hm...We went to Von Maur and on the way there I saw SAM!!!! I missed Sam. It's been forever since I've seen some of my old mallrat cronies. At first he didn't recognize me so I started to walk by, but then he turned around as I was walking and was all "OLIVIA!" so i didn't feel forgotten. lol I left...And I tried on a couple of dresses that I could possibly get for prom. We kinda' know the style I want, but we're going to look for the next couple months to decide for sure. It will be fun. :) We went home...and I worked out on my christmas prsent (elliptical trainer) and it is soooo hard. I then did 100 crunches. My new years resolution is to lose about 15 pounds. I think that will be good. I just basically want to loose some weight on my love handles, and tone up everything (tummy!). I'm really actually fine with my body shape. yay! Hm..I only have one day left. *sad* Oh well...

86 days until my birthday. :)

1. Your name is.. ? Olivia
2. Where do you live? NAP
3. When's your birthday? 3/30/88
4. Where do you go to school? Franklin Central Highschool
5. Are you single? Yeah
6. What do you look like? 5'6"...Blonde...Thiiiiick...I don't know we'll go with kind of..a cute...naive look.
7. What do you like about yourself? I am a fashion icon.
8. What do you think about life? It's great.
9. What/Who would you die for? Many people, I guess that's the result of being too spontaneous.
10. Do you still love the first person you ever loved? Yes.
11. Do you dream at night? Yes; we all do.
12. If so, what do you dream about? Scary things!!!
13. Do you dream about your boyfriend/girlfriend? Occasionally.
14. Do you believe dreams are a gateway to your soul? I hope not...because my soul would be scary, then.
15. Do you believe there's one certain person for everybody? Hm..I think everyone has a couple choices, or else it wouldn't be fair.
16. Reincarnation. I'm not sure.
1. How did you first meet? At a party of a mutual friend
2. What did you first notice about him/her? haha...How ugly his shirt was. I hate wrestling.
3. Did you like him/her the fist time you met or gradually? Definitely gradually
4. Are you in love? Yes.
5. In your opinion, what is the best thing about them? ...Everything.
6. What is the worst thing? Hm..the popping ankle thing and his taste in music...and clothes...but everything is great besides that. lol
7. If you had 24 hours together, without any interferences to go anywhere and do anything, how would you want to spend it? Sit...and talk...and wrestle...Like always.
8. What is your favorite thing about him/her? This question was already asked.
9. If you could change one thing about him/her, what would it be? Distance between our homes.
10. If you had to pick a song to describe how you feel about him/her, what would it be? How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You) by James Taylor
11. Is he/she the type of person you would want to marry? Yes
12. If yes. can you picture it? Yes, of course.
13. What is the longest relationship you have ever been in? haha...as far as...reciprocated relationships...7 months.
14. What was the cause of your last break-up? *shrugs* Asshole...ish?
15. What is the sweetest thing he/she has ever done for you? Hm...Calls to say I love you...Opens car doors for me...Just very sweet things all the time. :)
16. Do your parents like him/her? Very much so
17. Do you spend enough time together? No :(
18. Can you tell him/her anything and everything? Yep.
19. Do you? Yep.
20. How do you feel when you are with him/her? Hm...Warm.
21. Is he/she a good kisser? Of course!
1. Day of the week: Saturday
2. Ice-cream: Superman
3. Movie: SLC Punk, Save the Last Dance, Mallrats, Drumline, Finding Nemo, Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club
4. Song: Hm..We'll go with...Something by...311 I think.
5. Quote: "Think of all the good times...Instead of 'wish we could' times...So much better that way" And many others.
6. Holiday: Christmas
7. Season: Summer
8. Color: Red.
9. Book: Girl Goddess #9...Harry Potter books. lol..White Oleander.
10. Subject in school: English...it's easiest.
11. Website: www.livejournal.com
12. Person: Patrick and Wong
13. Shirt: My anti-racism shirts...And all of the ones I make :)
14. Jeans: Hm..Paris Blues 11
15. Thing to do on the weekend: Sit with Pat. :)
16. Car: Shit...Something that runs. Though Escalades are VERY pretty.
17. Animal: Koalas and Puppies
18. Teacher: Mr. Roach...Mrs. Tomlinson...Mrs. Laker
19. Cartoon character: haha..Guys from Futurama.
20. Band: 311, Sublime, RHCP, Rage, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Mest, Black Eyed Peas..Bands that mean something.
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Thursday, January 1st, 2004

Time:11:43 pm.
* I will start updating regularly

....Twilight Zone marathon.

*sigh* It's always something, isn't it?
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Sunday, December 28th, 2003

Time:11:06 pm.
This is my new hat...Sara got it for me for Christmas. I know I'm a little late. lol..Isn't it awesome?

Hm...Tomorrow I may go to Broad Ripple with my mommy....Or Pat may come down. I don't know which yet. I haven't been to BR Vintage in FOREVER...That makes me sad, but then again...I really don't have all that much money, so it could be best that I don't go and spend all of it. BRV is a really easy way to spend money.

This is me being all cute and vintage...y. I like that hat too!
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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Time:1:38 pm.
OMG! I haven't updated this in forever!!!!!! I miss writing to you guys. lol Well...I'll just go from the start of break.

Friday: I had to go to school and finish off the last of the finals. They were really boring, but all of them were easy....I think. I hope I did well on my spanish final, that is what determines my honor roll...Mr. Donnelly really likes me, though, so I'm sure he would maybe multiply some participation points or something. lol. I neeeed a B. My dad picked me up from school and we went to his work party...thing. The people there were nice, but as a whole it was very uncomfortable. One of the college guys that works there in the summer brought his girlfriend in and she kept pointing at me and talking about me. :( It made me feel bad, but everyone else was making fun of her and calling her stupid. lol...It's funny when old people make fun of young people. After that, I went home and went to bed. I was tiiiired...But soon enough Wong called and I got ready to go over there. I went over there and it was fun because I love her. Her kitten is sooooo cute. I had to go home because the next day I was going with my dad to pick up the bed/elliptical trainer.

Saturday: I got my Christmas presents early! My mommy got a new platform bed and a white comforter with black sheets and some red pillowcases...She also got me an elliptical trainer which is kinda' like a gift to both of us because we want to work out...we can be all healthy and stuff. Well, on top of that I get three shirts from this website...and she got me a watch...and I guess she put some pictures on my wall or something? I don't know Cathy wouldn't tell me, but even though this Christmas wasn't much of a surprise, it's still really really good. Well, I felt sick all Saturday because I was really queasy and my throat hurt really bad, but I ended up going to Cathy's anyway. I didn't even get to sleep in my new bed. :( I didn't feel as sick the next day but..Oh well.

Sunday: I didn't see Pat 'til nearly 8 because of stupid football. I was mad.

Monday: Pat didn't wake up until 3, so I didn't get to see him because we had already made plans to go see LOTR (which was AWESOME) and go out to eat. I didn't get home until 9:15. He came over. Hmph.

Tuesday: Went to Best Buy at 12...Pat was supposed to call at 11, but didn't wake up. He didn't want to go to Best Buy although he still needed to buy the rest of my present...Which means he has to go today. Fun for him, hm? I like Pat's brother. He's really funny and reminds me a lot of my brother which makes me happy to be around him. I was like *squint* though. I don't remember why...OH YEAH! Pat dropped pizza on his white comforter and his brother was making fun of him and I was like "I definately WASN'T talking to you" and he was like *squint and...I don't remember the rest* It reminded me of Tony, though. We watched Super Troopers. hahahaha.. Alright meow, onto today....

....I'm going hoooome.

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Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Time:11:03 pm.
Pat came over today.
We went to the Children's Museum.
It was fun.
I liked it.
I saw the dumb bitch that took my job.
I saw Lorraine.
I didn't ride the slide. :(

We saw Finding Nemo.
We saw Shrek.
It was fun.
We didn't make cookies. :(

That reminds me...I'm hungry for cookies.

I am done with driving for Drivers Ed.
I have 8 more days of class.
I got a B- for driving.
I should have an A in the class.

Christmas is soon.
I like Christmas.


I love Pat.
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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

Subject:Just another Tuesday (That is SO a new song.)
Time:8:59 am.
Mood: bored.
Well, yesterday was Monday, eh? I hate Mondays. I got to sleep in until 7:30 though because I had a dentist appt. It was better than the last one. All they did was clean my teeth, but next time I have to get shots!!! OMG! I'm going to like, freak out. I hate shots. ESPECIALLY in my mouth. Can you imagine? :( I'm going to cry.

Well, I had a dream on Sunday night where I was like, trying to get away from this gang because LL Cool J was in trouble with them (but he didn't do anything wrong, of course) and so we were trying to get out of town...And I talked to one of the guys in the gang about Hines Ward (WR for the Steelers) and I think that's why I had the dream!!! On Saturday I was talking to Pat and I said that I thought that Hines Ward looked like LL Cool J. Isn't that the coolest thing ever!?!? Well, we were running down the street or something and he ran faster so he was kinda' dragging me a long...And then he stopped and I was all like "We need to run!" and he's like "You see that cop up there? What would he think if he saw a black dude running down the street in the ghetto, dragging a white girl with him?!?" I woke up laughing. It was really funny. I guess you had to "hear" him say it.

Car's still in the shop. No driving today. Oh well.

Friday I may go to a show at Rehearsal for DFT

...Music Appreciation is the stupidest class ever. Next is espanol.

Go time now.

I bought four shirts at hobby lobbly last night. Two grey ones. One black. One white.

I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet. They will be hxc.


<3 Pat

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Sunday, November 30th, 2003

Subject:the break
Time:6:17 pm.
Mood: blah.
Well, this weekend was really boring, but boring in the best way possible. lol. You know what I mean? Everything was kinda' lazy with nothing to do, but it was fun.

Well, since I already updated about Wednesday, I guess I'll start with Thanksgiving. I woke up early to bored house and took a shower. I was ready by 11, but we didn't leave until 2:30. Of course....My dad, Tony, Me, Caitlin, and Leslie were all going to meet my aunt donna, uncle greg, his mom, and my grandparents at some holiday restaurant or something. It was really stupid. Tony, Caitlin, and I had to sit in the back. OMG! Caitlin talked the WHOLE time about...stuff I dind't care about. But I was really nice about it and was even nice on the way home. Basically Tony and I just talked to eachother through "dinner" because it was so loud and the table was so big that there was no point in trying to talk to the other people at our table. After dinner, and leslie took me up to fishers. Again, i had to sit next to Caitlin in the back seat. She read EVERY PAGE out of a Zoobook. I wanted to shoot myself!!!!! It was HORRIBLE! I got my stuff and went into Cathy's. My dad gave me my $100 so I was happy. Pat came over shortly after I got there and we TRIED to watch Save the Last Dance but people kept coming downstairs to play ping pong. I was mad, but eventually we finished it. He didn't hate it TOO much. lol. He said compared to Drumline it was the best movie ever made.

On to Friday...
Of course since it was the biggest shopping day of the year, I had to go out. Cathy wanted to get away from Rick's mother-in-law, Gladys, reaaaally bad. So she took Pat and I to Castleton Square Mall. He was being all mean the WHOLE time. At least I TRIED to make it better for him. So after I only bought a few things, we left. Rick, Chris, and Gladys met us there because Gladys' christmas present to cathy was going to be a new set of dishes...So they had to stay while we got to leave. Poor Cathy. But she got a set of $160 dishes out of it. Works, eh? I would've just used paper plates...Pat and I were arguing for a long time until I went to his house. Or he came over. Something like that. He apologized for being mean and then it was all better. We watched O. He liked it lots! I was like "YAY!" hm...It's such a super good movie. I was like *cry*...Hm.

I had to return my suit jacket thing from the mall and a skirt that wasn't made well. they gave me back stuff...but at the suit jacket place i bought a cool hat instead. I should've taken a picture. Maybe I will now. Good plan, Olivia. We were going to go to the DFT show at the Fisher's Y, but Pat dind't want to go since he didn't know what time DFT played. I was like *sad* but we rented Training Day instead and watched that because it's a good movie. I went home and that was the last of my Patrick for this week


Today was Chris' birthday. Rick's cousin and her husband and kid came over. Chris and her hung out and had fun. Chris got lots of fun stuff. I gave him $10 so I'm down to $11. Wow... That sucks. *sigh* I need to find a way to get money that doesn't involve a job. Or if I get a chaffuer then I can have a job. Hmm
*sigh* Steelers lost in the last 13 seconds. Isn't that sad? I know. It is. I don't have to drive tomorrow because my driver's ed car is in the shop. That's good. I can't wait until the 19th. :) yay.

What I bought at the mall Originally:

-black and grey skirt
-black cool silk skirt
-black and pink skirt
-grey-ish plaid suit jacket
-red mesh track pants
-a white fake pearl necklace and matching earrings
-a dice-based bracelet

What I now have:

-black and grey skirt
-black cool silk skirt
-red mesh track pants
-a white fake pearl necklace and matching earrings
-a dice-based bracelet
-awesome courderoy "newsboy" hat
-credit for Forever 21 for like...$15

Things that Gladys did that were annoying:

-talked about her "corns"
-talked about her "corns" while i was eating
-made sure everyone knew that SHE bought the dishes
-talked about other people's food ("WOW! You guys got bigger sandwiches", "Oh, She got McDonalds, I like McDonalds too.")
-made us wait half an hour to leave so she could "powder her nose"
-tell me I looked like I "outgrew that jacket"
-Took MY room
-kept telling Pat and I to "be good"
-tried to make Cathy feel bad for giving me stuff like i'm her daughter or something and giving my mom the camry.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appt. I sleep in. yay.

Christmas Countdown: 25 days
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Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

Time:11:40 pm.
Well, Today was wednesday and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Today is Pat and my 6th month anniversary. :) He was supposed to come down today, but we thought that was messed up, but then we fixed it. :) He was waiting for me when we got home. We were going to go out to dinner. That got messed up because of my mom. I was SO mad, but we ended up going to dinner at Steak N Shake with her and my brother. Then we went to go rent a movie....We ended up getting Terminator: 3, O, and Save the Last Dance. Pat and I watched T:3 when we got here, but that's all we had time to watch. I'm at the end of "O" right now...Bawling my eyes out...This is the saddest thing ever...

...Everyone go read the Shakespeare play "Othello", then rent "O".

Happy Thanksgiving.

My new screen name is EasyChooser.

I love Pat.
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